Love Again

A young woman trying to get over her fiance’s death and occasionally sending romantic messages to his ex’s phone number strikes up an unexpected relationship with the man who was assigned that number.

Love Again is that kind of romantic comedy that critics don’t agree with, but to which the public has every chance of being much more receptive. Let’s take a look at rottentomatoes: only 24% of critics gave it a positive review, while no less than 91% of viewers said they liked the film. Indeed, the romantic comedy is the equivalent of a tempting trio on a frosty winter’s evening: a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea and the music of Céline Dion humming. We found the film totally forgettable (even with Dion on the poster), but we appreciated it for its positive message.

The author of this chronicle is a fan of Bollywood cinema and knew about Priyanka Chopra from the time when she was one of the great divas of Bollywood (in the meantime she said goodbye). Unfortunately, the transfer to Hollywood does not live up to expectations and, if in Bollywood Chopra easily moved from one role of femme fatale to another of a young autistic girl, in Hollywood her roles are suspiciously generic. Love Again is no exception, where the actress plays Mira, a children’s book author who is still in mourning two years after her boyfriend died in a car accident. To exorcise her pain, Mira sends messages to his old number, only these messages reach Rob (Sam Heughan), a journalist who is preparing to interview Céline Dion…

Fans of Sam Heughan and his amazing chemistry with Caitriona Balfe in the long-running series Outlander will be the first to realize that the Scottish actor and the Indian actress have nowhere near the same chemistry and that it’s not enough to look at someone with wide eyes and make the love ooze off the screen.

But, as I said above, the premiere on Friday is like a warm blanket and it doesn’t have to be very convincing to let you be enveloped by it. It is a film about love in which Céline Dion literally dissects this feeling and bluntly tells you not to lose hope. Even if you’re not a fan of the Canadian diva and don’t care at all about her five songs composed specifically for the soundtrack of this film, you might still be receptive to this more than helpful message, that of never giving up the weapons…

Otherwise, Love Again adopts the used and reused weapons of the romantic comedy. We have the boisterous and boisterous coworker (Russell Tovey from the excellent British series Being Human) or the flatmate who is both a source of humor and a voice of reason. Love Again adds another important name in music, Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra’s real-life husband), who ironically plays a guy who is as muscular as he is emotionally and mentally limited.

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