Love, Weddings & Other Disasters

The intertwined stories of several couples, some in formation, some about to fall apart, others who only dream of being together, all united by participating in the organization of a wedding.
Let’s get to know the protagonists.
Jessie organizes the lavish wedding of a client, Liz, who marries Richard, a mayoral candidate. He will work with a famous restaurant owner, Lawrence Phillips. Lawrence goes out on a date with Sara, a woman who is blind. Mack, the leader of a band, agrees to sing at the wedding, and forms a relationship with Jessie. Richard’s brother, the future groom, participates in a TV show of love affairs that he can only win if he stays with his partner, Svetlana, for as long as possible. The captain of the ship where the wedding will take place, Ritchie, falls in love with a girl he doesn’t know her name, and where he can’t find her, because he only saw that he has a tattoo with a pair of tongs. They all strive to offer future brides and grooms the most beautiful and romantic day of their lives, while trying to cope with the chaos of their personal lives.

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