Made in Italy

Made in Italy is an emotional comedy set in romantic Tuscany about the bohemian London artist Robert (Liam Neeson) who returns to Italy with his estranged son, Jack (Micheál Richardson) to sell the house they inherited from to his late wife. None of them expects to find the villa, once splendid, in a deplorable state of decay …
Jack, a successful and ambitious art gallery manager, faces the possibility of losing everything he has built, as his wife, Ruth (Yolanda Kettle), intends to leave him, taking the gallery, his heart and soul with him. she. Jack’s only hope is to quickly sell their family’s old Tuscan home, but in order to succeed, he must contact his estranged father, Robert – a mission easier said than done.
The two start arriving in Tuscany, and start working on the dilapidated house. Renovations are going badly, and the father and son never agree, and this would not be the first time. Robert’s lack of DIY experience causes him to seek the help of locals, but for Jack, the condition of the house seems to reflect the painful search for happier memories with his childhood mother. However, the promise of love appears in Jack’s way … Jack falls in love with Natalia, a beautiful and lively young Italian cook, who works culinary wonders for both body and soul in her trattoria in the village. Everything seems to be going well, until Natalia’s ex-husband appears in the landscape, who, through his jealousy crises, will threaten the barely twisted relationship between the two young men.
The house begins to blossom in the Tuscan heat, Jack finally tries to face the pain of the day that changed his life, that of his mother’s death, and it seems that Robert must do something with the secrets he kept in the villa. . Robert and Jack must finally be honest with each other if they want to build a future together.
But the future already looks different now, to their surprise …

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