After the death of her husband, Claire, a single mother, moved from Chicago to Mattawa for a new beginning. While Claire is extremely excited to start her first day of school as an assistant principal, her daughter, Sarah, reaches the heart of the school’s basketball team after demonstrating her skills. However, the seemingly quiet city, which lives a trouble-free life, is hit by the disappearance of Sarah, who does not return home after the party organized by her new friends. Although the police consider her search useless, Claire knows that her daughter is in danger. It seems that the members of the new community want to take dangerous measures to prevent her from discovering the truth, including the coach of the basketball team. Claire will have to discover the darkest secrets of the city if she hopes to ever see her daughter again. Suspecting that the whole story is not being told to her and realizing that time is passing, Claire will not stop at nothing to discover the truth behind her daughter’s disappearance.

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