Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank

Hank, an adorable cloud-headed dog wants to become a samurai master and sets off in search of his destiny. Unfortunately for him, what he finds instead is a strange and unwelcoming town called Kakamucho. There, he unwittingly stands out, given that he is the only dog ​​and the rest of the inhabitants are… cats! And as we all know, cats really don’t like dogs.

Desperate to please the townspeople, Hank unwittingly becomes part of the egotistical Ika Chu’s plans to wipe out all the residents of Kakamucho. Only one small obstacle stands in Ika’s way of dominating the world (well, Kakamucho) and his evil plan is to trick Hank into helping him by driving the citizens out of town forever.

Only Jimbo, a once powerful samurai now fallen from grace, and Emiko, a feisty kitten who has the same dreams as Hank, come to Hank’s aid. Together, this unusual trio embarks on a journey where they are forced to overcome their prejudices and learn the true meaning of friendship.

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