Princess Emmy

Emmy, an 8-year-old princess in Kandis County, can talk to horses. He inherited the gift from the great-great-great-great-granddad Karlotta. As the legend says, Karlotta saved a herd of white horses because of her courage. So she almost lost her life, but the horses gave her the gift of being able to talk to them. This talent is meant to be kept secret to those who do not possess it. The story has been written in a secret book, and each keeper has to keep it safe. The book containing inscriptions about magical powers was forgotten over time. Including Emmy forgot all about it.

Emmy has 26 horses and each carries the name of an alphabet. They give him all the friendship and sympathy he needs. Being princess and inheriting this gift, she is not an ordinary girl, even if this is her greatest desire. But that’s her: a lucky girl who does not know why she deserves to be special. At least Karlotta had to be bold and courageous to win her gift.

On Princess Day, which will be held over a week, Emmy will become a full member of the Royal Community. A Ceremonial Master will teach her everything she needs to know in order to become the best princess. When she finds her cousin, Gizana, who is eight years old, will attend the same classes and become a princess the same day, Emmy loses her courage. Gizana does everything perfectly and always gets what she wants. For Gizana, “Princess Day” is the most important event in her life. As expected, the Master encourages Gizana, to the detriment of Emmy. In addition, Emmy, being accustomed to spending her days with her horses, has to get used to a strict program at once, in order to become officially a princess. If the girls do not get good performance during the lessons, the Master Ceremony has the right to cancel the “Princess Day”. Gizana tries to take advantage of the rival’s weakness and follows Emmy everywhere. Under the pressure of her cousin’s eyes, Emmy is dangerously approaching her secrecy.

Emmy finds a mysterious parchment in Karlotta’s secret book. Writing on it are the same symbols as the walls of a mysterious ruin, once used by the great priests of a forgotten horse dynasty. Emmy is heading for a magical adventure to find out who he really is. Being too intrigued to understand her past, Emmy begins to miss the courses, the Master Ceremony having no choice but to cancel the “Princess Day”. Gizana is devastated and tries to get revenge. Realizing the secret Emmy hid, she steals the book and the parchment and travels to the old ruin. With the magic powers of symbols written on parchment, she asks to have the same gift as Emmy. If someone really deserves it, she is not Emmy. Her demand is denied, and, out of envy and frustration, Gizana breaks the parchment into pieces. If she can not have the gift then no one should have it. At that moment, Emmy loses the ability to talk to horses. Gizana realizes what he did and runs away, endangering himself. Without thinking, Emmy saves Gizana, risking her own life.

Showing forgiveness, boldness and courage, the spirits that once granted Karlottei the gift, decide to offer again what seemed lost. The only thing Gizana will remember is that Emmy saved her life, being very grateful. Changed, the girls decide to put aside the differences between them. Demonstrating his real character, the Ceremonial Master changes his mind. “Princess Day” will be organized, and Emmy and Gizana will become official members of the Royal Community. The horses are happy that everything has ended well.

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