Rambo: Last Blood

A legendary character prepares to return to action. This time, the protagonist declares war on a Mexican drug cartel that kidnaps the daughter of a friend of his.

The character John Rambo was created by Canadian David Morrell, a true master of action and conspiracy novels.

First Blood, followed by Rambo: First Blood Part II, opened a franchise where Stallone portrays the American hero of war. The first film is looking to think and was considered one of the defining films of postmodernism in cinema, after which the continuation of the series (Rambo II placed in Vietnam’s war theater, Rambo III placed in the Afghanistan war between the “bad” Russians and the Afghans ” good “) chose the commercial film solution. Rambo IV (2008) resumes the image of the military hero, again in battle with an evil dictatorship – the one in Burma of today. The idea of a Rambo V, to be called The Savage Hunt, was launched in 2011

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