Retreat to Paradise

Ellie (Melanie Stone) takes care of Jordan (Casey Elliott), who is injured in the shoulder. The problem is that his grumpy attitude makes Ellie want to go as far away from him as possible and leave him alone. But as they get to know each other, Jordan begins to see that Ellie is everything he wants from life and can only hope that she feels the same way.

I saw it today at Diva in Premiere. Although it is not Original Hallmark but Canadian, it is a beautiful film, very relaxing and the story is different and nice. I really liked it, the actors were quite unknown and at the beginning of the road, but they played well, they had chemistry, I have nothing to say. you make efforts for what you want, I liked the story, this to my taste, plus the actors. Note 8 from me. Good, to be seen

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