See How They Run

A Hollywood film producer visits London in the 1950s to adapt a play, but things get messy when a member of his crew is murdered.
,,Mousetrap,,. It’s been more than four and a half years since I saw the production at the Bucharest National Theatre, the show with the most successful play among the nineteen written by Agatha Christie, the undisputed queen of 20th century “police” literature , the one that left the famous characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple in the world’s memory. As we anticipated at the time, the show directed by Erwin Simsenshon is a long-lived one, which enjoys a well-deserved popularity, being able to be seen on the stage of the National even nowadays. And it is not surprising that it is so, Agatha Christie’s play was very successful as many times as it was staged because it is engaging and the text written with the specific mastery of the exceptional author is not boring for even a second of almost two and a half hours.

“The Mouse Race” is the starting point for this successful film-tribute to Agatha Christie’s literature but also to the cinema of the 1950s. “You’ve seen one of them, you’ve seen them all. The terrible irony of the character created by Adrien Brody, a characteristic maintained throughout the entire story. The director Tom George stages an admirable commercial film, an entertainment of which I am convinced that Agatha would have been proud, especially as we see her on the screen in the interpretation of the actress Shirley Henderson. Salt and pepper is obviously the cute Stoppard-Stalker duo, the ideal chemistry between Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan, chemistry capable of generating even a few healthy laughs. Enjoy!

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