Famous author Shirley Jackson was considered a strange person. She was rumored to be out of the house at all and was afflicted with diseases that killed her at the age of 48. Given the madness in Jackson’s work and the stories about the woman behind the words, it goes without saying that any film about her life should probably be a little strange and unconventional. From this point of view, the new film Shirley – which uses the fictionalized story of two guests having a stay with Jackson and her husband, to take a look at the unique life of the famous author – is a success.
I was very disappointed to see that Josephine Decker did not bring much of the style of the wonderful Madeline’s Madeline experiment, but I was even more disappointed to find that Shirley claims to be a film of moods and characters, but no longer so risky. much and is looking for some comfort in the process. A strong feminism and two good performances from actresses Moss and Young are the only things she comes up with. I don’t know if I wanted it too much or if the movie is really weak, but it didn’t involve me at all and it enters the list of movies that I forget very quickly after watching.

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