Spirit Untamed

A spectacular adventure about a fearless girl who longs for a place of belonging, and who discovers a related spirit when her life intersects with a wild horse, Untamed Spirit is the next chapter in the beloved story created by DreamWorks Animation.
Lucky Prescott never really knew his mother who died, a talented rodeo rider from Miradero, a border town.
Like her mother, Lucky is not a fan of rules and restrictions, which worries Cora, her aunt who takes care of her. Lucky grew up in a city on the East Coast, under the strict supervision of Korea, but when Lucky forces his luck with too many risky escapades, Cora sends her back to the Miradero to her father, Jim.
Lucky feels like a fish on land in the small town, but everything changes for her when she meets Spirit, a wild mustang with an independent nature, and when she befriends two local riders, Abigail Stone and her father, Pru Granger. the latter being Lucky’s father’s best friend.
When a heartless samsar and his acolytes steal Spirit along with the other horses to put them up for auction for a life of captivity and hard work, Lucky recruits her new friends to stop them. Together, the girls embark on the adventure of a lifetime to save the horse that gave Lucky the most precious gift – the freedom and the feeling that he has a purpose in life – and that helped her discover in her mother’s nature, but also her Mexican roots, which he would never have expected.

Untamed Spirit is the next chapter in the beloved DreamWorks Animation franchise, which began with the 2002 Oscar®-nominated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and also includes an Emmy-winning TV series. The screenplay is written by Aury Wallington (Spirit Riding Free, produced by Netflix and DreamWorks Animation) and Kristin Hahn (Dumplin ’). The film is directed by Elaine Bogan (Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia, produced by Netflix and DreamWorks Animation) and is produced by Karen Foster (co-producer, How to Train Your Dragon). The co-director of the film is Ennio Torresan Jr. (The Boss Baby), and the musical score of the film is composed by Amie Doherty (Undone, produced by Amazon, Marooned, produced by DreamWorks Animation).

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