The Broken Hearts Gallery

Sometimes we keep in our souls and drawers memories of previous relationships, but what happens when this collection haunts us and thus prevents us from healing our wounds and opening our hearts to new relationships?

Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan) knows all too well what love suffering means. She has collected so many souvenirs over time, which keep her emotionally captive in her former relationship with Max, the handsome curator of an art gallery. Vulnerable, distrustful, she locks herself in the room for days. Good luck with her girlfriends who literally take her out of the sheets, forcing her to go out into the world. But how to move forward with optimism when it is still so tied to the past?

Through a strange contest of circumstances, he meets Nick (Dacre Montgomery), a guy who keeps getting in his way. The cynical arrogant who aspires to become a hotelier is amused by her collection of funny souvenirs. Until Lucy decides to give up objects that remind her of her failed love affair, she even has a crazy idea: to exhibit them in the first art gallery dedicated to those disappointed in love, like her – “Gallery of broken hearts” . And what better place to display them than the reception of Nick’s future hotel, which needs to be decorated anyway ?!

While working on this project together, the idyll grows, but Max’s return to the stage puts her to the test. Will Lucy and Nick be able to pass this test?

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