The Dead Don’t Die

For me, it is one of Jarmusch’s memorable films and one of the best of 2019, even if in the collective memory it is and will remain considered a semi-failure of the director.
Beyond the obviously film-related stuff about society and consumerism (the joker’s pessimism seems to be just a water pistol next to the one here), the film is full of lots of jokes and allusions that you risk missing out on. some seconds. Some I caught, others I found reading later on the net, things that make me believe that, although it does not seem, everything was thought out in the smallest details.
I didn’t think that a movie could be a tribute, an experimental game at the same time, but also a great alarm signal and a more than interesting allegory. I’ve seen it separately before, but tied together so beautifully in a movie … less often.

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