The Farewell

A family from China discovers that her grandmother has only a little to live on and, without telling her the real reason, organizes a fictional wedding so that all family members can say goodbye to her.

China and America. Different countries, different continents, two almost completely different worlds. The theme of emigration, a major one for the modern world is increasingly prone to globalization. And yet there is more family, more traditions, more attraction to return home to the roots, to the earth where you came into the world. Especially when something happens that triggers the sleeping energies, which triggers a collective emotion, mainly a problem of life and death. It confirmed once more what I knew: to make a very good movie you do not necessarily have to try to shock at any price or use special effects effects. Sometimes it’s just a simple but emotional story, a well written story, well directed and staged by actors and actresses capable and able to convey emotion. Excellence Awkwafina, Historic Golden Globe for a Asian actress, delicious Shuzhen Zhao.

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