The Killer Downstairs

Losing her job at a large law firm, Alison Peters resorted to desperate measures to support herself and rented her apartment in the basement. James, the new tenant, is an attractive man, but as their relationship grows closer, the suspicion creeps into Alison’s mind that sinister secrets are hidden beyond the mask of the young conqueror.

A slightly typical Lifetime movie with the same action, I saw it out of curiosity, the interesting subject, it has action I can’t say no but it doesn’t look like a thriller, suspense or mystery, you know everything from the beginning with small differences, it’s a easy to see movie in an evening not pretentious. The actors played well especially because I know them compared to other movies, the actors’ play was a plus, the subject and the action but not the category, a film still mediocre for others or even weak but for me it was great especially the acting, the story, and the action .i give it a 7 from me but it’s not for everyone, good luck with the actors, not all movies with criminals can fit into the thriller. It’s just my opinion and it doesn’t suit them not to get in because they don’t do either a recommendation.

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