The Room

Kate and Matt are tired of the busy life of New York City and decide to move to a quieter place. Matt is a troubled comic book artist, and Kate is tired of her job at a large law firm. In search of a more authentic and healthy life, they leave the city and move to the countryside, to an old house in the state of New Hampshire. Their new home needs a thorough renovation, but the two lovers are ready for work. Soon, the couple discovers a hidden room without windows, which has the extraordinary power to materialize whatever they want. Like children in a fairytale house, they spend their days and nights pampering themselves and satisfying their every material desire. However, after two miscarriages, Kate desperately wants a baby. Under this apparent state of blessing, something darker hides and some desires can have serious consequences: the creations of the room cannot leave the house without disappearing. The camera could very well turn their dream into a nightmare.

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