The Souvenir

Julie, a wealthy young woman attending film school, meets and develops an increasingly destructive relationship with an older man who encourages her aspirations. A timid but ambitious student, the young woman begins to find her voice as an artist and begins an intense and chaotic relationship with Anthony, an older man charismatic, but serious. Julie lives in an apartment with another student and his girlfriend. Soon, she meets Anthony, a knowledgeable man who works at the Foreign Office and moves in with her after her roommate leaves the apartment. Shortly after, Julie begins to pay the bills at the restaurant and while Anthony continues to ask for money on a regular basis, she is forced to borrow money from her parents. Julie defies her protective mother and worried friends as she slips deeper and deeper into an intense, unstable relationship that is dangerously close to destroying her dreams. A man’s addiction to heroin slowly destroys their relationship, while things take a dramatic turn.

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