Train to Busan 2

We are four years after the massive infection in the previous movie, Train to Busan. The Korean Peninsula is now devastated. Jung Seok, a former soldier who managed to cross the sea, is given the mission to return to the peninsula. To his surprise, the man meets you with survivors of the disaster.

What movies are these Koreans making? Full of suspense from one end to the other and with zombalai chosen on the eyebrow. Where do you take into account the car chases through an apocalyptic city. The conclusion is given by the last 2 lines: “In a few hours a new world will be waiting for you. /
The world I knew wasn’t bad either. ”

I really didn’t expect anything from him after the average here
Busanhaeng is good in his own way and that is good in his own way
I really liked both of them because they are well thought out and done.
I hit Busanhaeng twice and this was the first time.

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