Triple Frontier

On the border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, a heaven of criminals thrives. Authorities cannot approach the dangerous gangs of dealers, while their accounts are filled by drug trafficking. But how long?
Frontier Triple has a pretty simple premise. A former soldier from the special forces discovers the barrel of the most dangerous drug dealer in South America (it is not clear which country, but somewhere between Peru, Brazil and Colombia). And what does our Pope (Oscar Isaacs) decide? Well, to gather their old gang and camp on this drug lord (no, it’s not Escobar, who died long ago). For the country, justice and … money, obviously, now working in private. The first part of the film is dedicated to Pope’s mission to gather the team together and convince them to come with him to the jungle. Once you get there (it was obvious that they will do it, it’s not a spoiler), I start planning the assault on the holiday house in the middle of the Amazon jungle and then the movie really starts.
It’s not wow, it’s not mindblowing, but it works great for an action movie about former Special Forces soldiers. Maybe the director was still working a little or maybe in the movies (although the action frames are well filmed and I have never lost in fights). I think he lacks that zvac the most, because otherwise I can’t tell him. The whole movie has the impression that something will happen that will shock you, leave you with a mouth watering. An impressive fight scene? A shocking decision of one of the characters? Or maybe an unexpected ending? Frontier Triple always brings you to that peak, but it always goes down too smoothly. Okay, you liked to get there, but you’re safe back.

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