In the adorable but very different town of Uglyville, weirdness is celebrated, peculiarities are appreciated, and beauty is celebrated beyond appearances. Here, the brave Moxy and her friends live with joy every day, in a place where the possibilities are endless. The unusual inhabitants of Uglyville sometimes cast their eyes on the sky, from where a unique doll appears, ready to join the community.

Moxy loves her life with friends, but curiosity always makes her wonder what lies beyond the borders. That’s how they discover Perfection, a city where more conventional dolls are trained according to the highest protocols, and once graduated, they are sent forth into the real world to receive the love of the children.

In Perfection, Moxy and her friends come to be the subject of the evil plans set up by Lou, the perfect doll, responsible for recruiting the recruits. Here, dolls will find out what it means to be different and how hard it is to fight to be loved, to finally discover that you do not have to be awesome because being yourself is the most important thing.

Sung and vividly animated, the animation “UglyDolls: Dolls in Bucluc” promotes the inner beauty and true friendship, for the first time since May 10th, at the cinema.

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