A descendant of the explorer Sir Francis Drake discovers the location of the legendary El Dorado. With the help of his mentor and an ambitious journalist who tries to discover his secrets while surviving on an island full of pirates, mercenaries and a mysterious enemy.

In this movie, as Jeremy Renner should play the lead role or we can put in the reserve, Chris Pratt (who will still not play in “Indiana Jones 5”. And in Jurassic World I thought it was Nathan Drake’s “roadblock”) .

After all else is Pattinson from Holland, the man is an age (he has played in very good roles since Good Time), 33 years old compared to Tom’s 23, and he knows how to appreciate a movie better.
Director would be the one who made VENOM 2 years ago (except that at this moment it is not known exactly, which is weird a month before the filming begins). What is official, is that Spider-Man Holland is Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg (Sully Sullivan), @ cmpunk2012 – in the end Mark is someone in the movie, just not the protagonist, he has to put on a mustache.

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