After provoking a shock in contemporary culture and changing the rules of the horror genre with his directorial debut, Fugi !, a provocative film with social consciousness, the visionary Oscar winner Jordan Peele returns with another original, produced by him.

Placed in the emblematic landscape of North Carolina Beach, We, produced by Monkeypaw Productions, starred Oscar winning Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson, a woman returning to her vacation home where and She spent her childhood together with her husband, Gabe (Winston Duke), and their two children for a well-deserved summer vacation.

Frustrated by a childhood trauma, inexplicable and still unresolved, now brought to the surface and aggravated by a series of bizarre coincidences, Adelaide is becoming more and more certain that something horrible is going to happen to her family.

After spending a tense day at the beach with their friends, the Tyler family, Adelaide and her family are returning to their holiday home. But when the wound falls, the Wilson family members notice four hand-held silhouettes and refuse to leave the alley at the entrance to their home. To their horror, they discover that the four silhouettes are, in fact, duplicates of them, doppelgangers who came over them with a precise purpose.

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