Willy and the Guardians of the Lake

After the easy spring and summer adventures, the stories now show us the events that occurred at the reef during the autumn and winter. The protagonist is Vilkó, a fine, brave boy with a good heart, who is just waiting to become a watchman. But the keeper becomes only that young man whose green hair turns to chestnut, in the color of reed flower. For nothing, Vilkó is a fine craftsman, full of ideas, for nothing he dares to do the craziest things, if his green hair does not want to change his color at all. And until then, according to the laws, he is not allowed to ride ladders, he cannot receive weapons and he cannot participate in the work of the guards.

The film is friendly, with many twists and turns, and its humor entertains children and adults alike. While watching Vilkó’s adventures with emotion and laughter, they have the chance to learn about the life of the flora and fauna around the lake, the changes brought about by the seasons, while encountering serious problems related to honesty, responsibility, helping others and tolerance.


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